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          Huayi explains the selection and operation of AC contactor

          a. Check whether the position of the moving and static contacts is aligned, and whether the three phases are closed at the same time. If there is any problem, adjust the contact spring; b. Check the degree of contact wear, the wear depth should not exceed 1mm, the contact burns, when the welding is off, it must be replaced in time; when it is slightly burnt, it generally does not affect the use. Sandpaper should not be used when cleaning the contacts, and plastic files should be used; c. Measuring the insulation resistance between phases, the resistance is not less than 10MΩ; d. Check whether the auxiliary contact action is flexible. The contact stroke should meet the specified value. Check whether the contact is loose or not. When the problem is found, repair or replace it.


          Fault phenomenon of short circuit ring of contactor core

          Answer: After the short circuit of the AC electromagnet is broken or detached, the magnet will be released slowly after the power is cut off. The function of the short circuit of the magnet is to release the residual magnetism of the core quickly, no more remanence, and the two cores are quickly separated.

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