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    Product Ranges

    Your life just for some important case,Huayi only do lron Core!Trying our best to achieve no defects and no complaints.


    Precise work,shown by certificates
    Honor depend on profession,each certificate full of the hard work of Huayi staff,these certificates are the key to open new market,a symbol of our development on the way...



    Large-scale production,forge our power and brand
    Since its establishment,Huayi developed through a steady way,within 5 years we had utillzed more than 30 sets of hi-speed precise punching machines Instead of 130 sets of common types,deeply improve the production quality and efficiency...


    Quality assurance

    Perfect quality comes from Huayi precise mold technology
    Mold processing center is the core of enterprise,molding team continued research of new technology,we devoted to study,absorbing and improving high-speed milling,CNC milling,vertical processing center,vacuum heat treatment and etc,they played the great role to the ...


    Service guarantee

    Try to provide competitive products for our customers,which is the consistent target of ...
    Huayi Company set up Huazheng Steel Trading CO.,Ltd in 2008,established strategic partnership with Baosteel,Wuhan Steel,Ma'anshan Steel and etc,completed the large-scaled purchase system of raw material,effectively saving the cost...


    Production equipment


    News Cetner