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            About Us > Company culture

          Company culture Company culture


          ADDRESS FROM



          25 years ago,
          We embraced the dream,began our future,
          Underwent lots of difficulties and hardness,but insisted on striving for development.


          After 25 years,
          All hard work now transferred to splendid reality,
          This is the end of first stage,also another start point,
          Looking forward to our future,longer way to go,
          today Huayi achievement depended on the cooperation and support from all customers and friends. 

          Huayi team continues
          Creating first class enterprise of the iron core,quality is first,based on management,operate cordially,
          Try to promote the maximum competition for our customers,
          Pursuing best quality,price and service,
          relying on human resource,to realize mutual benefit between staff,customers,enterprise and society.

          Let'cooperate honestly,develop together,and create the shining tomorrow.